Counselors Can Help with More Than You Think

Presentation Category: 
California Partnership Academy Model
Session Type: 
Intensive Seminar
Presentation Description: 
Counselors are a unique and important part of the Academy Team and are faced with unique challenges. Learn about: Education Code; challenges with master scheduling; transition into and out of Academies; A-G eligibility requirements; and alignment with CTE standards. We are here to help!
Describes Your Focus: 
Support Systems for Students and Teachers (for example: career guidance, counseling, academic support, peer support, transition programs, advisories, AVID-like programs, etc.; and support for the teaching team such as team curriculum retreats, development of professional learning communities, and professional development opportunities)

Session Time

March 4, 2018
10:45am to 12:15pm
Venue: Sacramento Convention Center
Room: 311/312


Amy Bateman
Apple Valley High School, CAMP and MAHST