Physical Computing with Raspberry Pi

Presentation Category: 
Curriculum Integration
Session Type: 
Intensive Seminar
Presentation Description: 
Join this hands-on session to get a deeper understanding of physical computing with Raspberry Pi using C-STEMbian. Learn how to implement C-STEM’s A-G approved “Physical Computing with Pi and Arduino” course. Bring your laptop, take the latest technologies, curriculum, know-how to your classroom teaching. Pi and robots will be provided.
Describes Your Focus: 
Curriculum and Instructional Strategies (for example: integrated, project-based, differentiated, industry-specific, specific-needs focused, community-service, etc.)

Session Time

March 4, 2018
1:00pm to 3:00pm
Venue: Sacramento Convention Center
Room: 307


Harry Cheng
Professor and Director
UC Davis C-STEM Center
Binsen Qian
C-STEM Technology Officer
UC Davis C-STEM Center
Paul Akuna
Franklin High School