Riverside Virtual School International Business: A Personalized Integrated Pathway

Presentation Category: 
Career Pathways / Industry Sectors
Session Type: 
Intensive Seminar
Presentation Description: 
The mission of RVS's International Business Pathway is to allow students interested in international business to have a personalized integrated experience where classroom content is put into practice in real life settings. This is accomplished through a three hour weekly seminar that focuses on integrated academic studies and soft skills.
Describes Your Focus: 
Implementing the CPA Model (Includes all CPA model components, for example: speakers, field trips, mentors, advisory committee, motivational activities, job shadowing and internships, scheduling, common planning time, student recruitment)

Session Time

March 4, 2018
9:00am to 10:30am
Venue: Sacramento Convention Center
Room: 308-310


David Dillon
Riverside Virtual School